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Register for VisecaOne with the registration code

With the registration code you received by post, you can register here for VisecaOne in four easy steps.
I did not receive a code.

Invalid entry. Please check the code/card number.

  • You will need your smartphone or mobile phone in order to register.
  • Registration takes about 5 minutes.
  • VisecaOne is a new online service. The MyAccount and surprize services will remain unchanged for the time being.

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See the video on the registration process.

Your personal details

To register for VisecaOne, the following information is required:

low medium high

Your password must consist of the following elements:

- Be at least 8 characters long
- Letters and numbers
- Capital and small letters
- Special symbols
Format e.g.: +41 79XXXXXXX

You will receive an SMS for the purpose of verifying your mobile number.

Do you need help?

See the video for help with this step.

Enter code from SMS

We sent you a code by SMS to . Please enter the code here.

Did you not receive the SMS?

Go back, check your mobile number and click «Next». We will send you another SMS.

Do you need help?

See the video for help with this step.

Install VisecaOne app and scan QR code

To check and confirm your online payments (3-D Secure) with the VisecaOne app, you have to install the app and then activate it by scanning the QR code.

1. Install VisecaOne app

You received a link by SMS for downloading the VisecaOne app. Click on this link to install the app on your smartphone.
Did you not receive the SMS?

2. Start VisecaOne app and scan QR code

Start the installed VisecaOne app and use it to scan the QR code illustrated above.

Do you need help in scanning the QR code?

See the video for help with this step.

Cancel registration

No smartphone, or difficulties downloading the app?

Skip this step if you do not have a smartphone or are unable to install the app. In this case you will be notified by SMS rather than push messaging to confirm or reject online payments. You can also activate the app in your VisecaOne account at a later time.

Do you need help in activating the app?

See the video for help with this step.

Do you need help in scanning the QR code?

See the video for help with this step.

VisecaOne registration is being finalised

Your registration is being finalised.

VisecaOne registration completed

We have sent you a confirmation e-mail. Your e-mail address serves as your user name. Therefore, please confirm your e-mail address by clicking the confirmation link provided in the e-mail. If you did not receive the e-mail, please notify our Customer Care Center. Also check your spam folder.

From now on you can shop very easily and comfortably online without a password (3-D Secure).

The following cards are registered for VisecaOne:

Logo VisaLogo Visa

Starting now you can use the simplified Viseca MasterPass™ online payment solution in all online shops displaying the MasterPass logo.

Your cards have been activated for the Viseca MasterPass online payment solution. You can manage your Viseca MasterPass digital wallet in your user account.

You can pay with MasterPass wherever you see this logo.

Now log in to your VisecaOne account using your e-mail address and password. You can manage your user details in your user account.


How does 3-D Secure payment work?

See the video tutorial:

VisecaOne registration was cancelled due to an error

Your registration was cancelled due to an error. Please restart the process.


More security and convenience

With VisecaOne you benefit from a range of helpful, free digital services for your card. After registering for VisecaOne, you will be able to approve payments you make by card in online shops requiring the 3-D Secure standard conveniently by VisecaOne app or SMS. VisecaOne offers you lots more as well.

One app does it all

The VisecaOne app offers you all the existing features – for example, you can check the amount still available on your card, your card limit and your current card expenditure. What’s more, you can also view the additional services your card offers and your card statements, and you can search for specific transactions.

New real-time services

Four different types of free push messaging give you perfect control over your cards. You can conveniently manage push messaging in the VisecaOne app according to your personal preferences and needs. So, you always feel confident and secure wherever you are in the world.
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VisecaOne offers clear advantages


Two-Factor-Authentication provides an extra level of security for your VisecaOne login. In addition to entering your password, you also have to confirm your identity in the VisecaOne app or by SMS code. This ensures full control over your VisecaOne login and all related services!

Enjoy the unlimited convenience of paying online

In order for you to continue being able to pay by card for purchases you make in online shops requiring the 3-D Secure standard, you must register for VisecaOne. Once you are registered, you can check and approve online payments conveniently in the VisecaOne app or by SMS code.

Viseca MasterPass digital payment solution

The Viseca MasterPass digital payment solution offers you even greater convenience and is automatically activated for your cards. The hassle of correctly typing in your card number and delivery address is a thing of the past, because they are already securely recorded in the MasterPass digital wallet.
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Perfect control over your cards

Install the VisecaOne app so you can benefit from the free digital services all the time no matter where you are. You can check your current spending, the amount still available on your card and your card limit. All the important information about your card is always at your fingertips.
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You’re always in control

In the VisecaOne app you can access the supplementary services for your card and view your card statements any time you like, no matter where you happen to be. You can also search for specific transactions and activate different kinds of transaction push messaging.
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Integration of even more features

All the digital services relating to your cards are being continuously integrated and upgraded in VisecaOne. So, in future, you’ll find everything in one place and can conveniently access it anytime, from anywhere, via the VisecaOne app or the web portal.

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